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We Offer the Latest Acne Reduction Treatments

Acne Treatment

When androgen levels increase, the sebaceous glands release sebum. Ordinarily this oily substance spills onto the skin. When cells from the lining of hair follicles shed too quickly clumping together and clogging pores. Sebum is trapped beneath the skin causing whiteheads and blackheads. Sebum can then mixed with the trapped cells and cause Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes), bacteria normally found on the skin to grow in the clogged follicles. P. acnes can cause inflammation and pus and can result in papules or pustules. When the follicles expand as much as they can, bumps called nodules are formed under the skin.


The Clear Acne Treatment is a fast, full face treatment for cleansing your pores and treating acne outbreaks. It is a breakthrough treatment that combines special-filtered light with a series of vacuum pulses to treat a wide range of acne in all skin types. It will leave your skin cleared of oils, dead skin cells, and bacteria. With little to no discomfort, clients can resume their regular daily activities right away.

Deep Pore Cleansing Facial

An intense facial using customized products to help clear out your pores and leave your skin feeling and looking radiant. This treatment is great for men and women of all ages especially those who have not had a facial in a long time.

Call to schedule your appointment today. Each treatment is $175.

To schedule your Clear Acne Treatment at Alora Wellness Spa or if you have any questions regarding our services please call us at (973) 263-4555.

*Tax and gratuity are not included. Gratuity is accepted and appreciated. It may be given at your discretion and can be left at the reception desk after checkout.

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