Summer Special 2022!

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Alora Wellness Spa/Yoga 

Proud to announce Flow Pod and Sauna and Salt Room all these service are available. 

Every Friday Yoga Class With Daniel 

Text for class 9739102290

Float Therapy Pod

  1. Relaxation. The primary purpose of flotation therapy is to promote body and mind relaxation. The flotation tank is designed to offer quiet and prevent distractions.
  2. Stress Relief. Many people enjoy float therapy for stress management. The flotation tank environment improves your mood by reducing cortisol levels in your blood.
  3. Concentration. If you have trouble concentrating, flotation therapy may be just what you need. The peaceful domain will enable you to focus on a specific subject.
  4. Meditation. A lot of thoughts, noise, spacing out, and anxiety are some of the reasons why you may be unable to meditate. Book your first session for 30-45 min $119

Gentle Resurfacing Aerousale

Aerolase is a state -of the -art aesthetic skin rejuvenation used for gentle skin tightening and rejuvenation. It effectively treats a range of skin conditions, including acne, age spots, and fines lines and wrinkles. Aerolase 

Book consultation Nuclear Acne or scar revision  or Melasma or Rosacea or Tone , Texture, or enlarged pores. NO DOWNTIME. Patients return to daily routine. Free Consultation.

Nonsurgical & Noninvasive -Get The Body Of your Dreams.

Body Sculpting- Center of New Jersey gives you up to 20% off your first treatment Package. No Needles, No DOWNTIME, no surgery, no meds - treatments in just 25min to 50 mins. Just one visit! No Downtime. Free consultation.

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