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Prominent leg veins are a common source of embarrassment. Many people feel the need to “cover-up.” Through a virtually painless, noninvasive light procedure, your unsightly veins will fade from view.

With just a few treatments, the laser light safely shrinks the vein and eventually it disappears. This treatment works well for small to mid-sized veins, spider veins, and reticular veins. Treatment varies from 15-30 minutes and can span for several months depending on the patient’s ability to heal.

No special pre- or post-treatment care is required except to limit sun exposure. The laser causes no damage to the overlying skin. Call for a consultation!)


To schedule your Vein Removal Treatment at Alora Laser Spa in Orange County NY, or if you have any questions regarding our Vein Removal services please call us at (845) 508-6605.

*Tax and gratuity are not included. Gratuity is accepted and appreciated. It may be given at your discretion and can be left at the reception desk after checkout.

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