Yoni - Vaginal Steaming

Benefits Of Vaginal Steaming.

Tightening and toning the vagina and uterus. Easing painful menstrual cramps, regulating irregular periods and cleansing post-period, left over blood from the cervix, healing ,cleansing and detoxing post partum. Increasing vaginal moisture, boosting and increasing fertility. Healing and preventing chronic yeast and bacterial infections. Healing conditions such as fibroids, ovarian cysts, uterine weakness,uterine prolapse & endometriosis. Assist with the repair of a vaginal tear, episiotomy, or assist with the healing of hemorrhoids.

V-Steam: How Does Vaginal Steaming Work?

Detoxifying your vagina is exactly how it sounds: While covered with a tent like drape from the waist down, the woman squats down without underwear over a steaming pot of water infused with therapeutic herbs like clove ,basil,oregano, calendula, wormwood, motherwort, raspberry leaf, and black haw, rose bud, red rose petal, yarrow, dandelion leaf,lavender, and peppermint. The two predominant herbs in the steam bath include mugwort and wormwood. During the process, which should last for about 10 to 30 minutes, the v-steam supposedly dilates the blood vessels, increasing blood circulation, providing oxygen, and relaxing the pelvic floor muscles.

When You Should Not Steam: YONI Steaming Contradictions

One of the biggest contradictions for YONI steaming is an Intrauterine Device, or IUD. Vaginal steaming is not recommended if a woman is using an IUD, because the steam softens, warms, and opens the cervix. This is part of the medicine of the practice – if there is pain and trouble with flow of menstruation, the steam invites better flow. But in the case of an IUD, that should not move. If it does, it has the potential to get stuck in a suboptimal position, perhaps rendering it ineffective, or even allowing for potential perforation of the uterine muscle or cervical damage. 


Consultation requires about 20 - 30 Minutes. Fee is $45.00.​

The treatment cost per visit is $75.00-$100.00.

​Buy a package for 4 visits for $260.00.

​When To YONI Steam?

The following conditions are considered the best times of the month to yoni steam. To determine if yoni steaming is right for you and when to yoni steam consult your health care provider.

  • YONI steam before ovulation or insemination, once, if you’re trying to get pregnant, but not if you suspect you are pregnant. This holds true for most Assisted Reproductive Therapy (ART) treatments as well.
  • YONI steam on the new and full moons, bringing awareness to the moon cycles, or to help bring back a late or lost period.
  • YONI steam as a ritual cleansing, perhaps a few cycles post trauma or miscarriage. Be sure to keep a journal of your experience, and have a support person to reach out to in case of need.
  • YONI steam to help heal painful menstrual cramping, if there is spotting or brown blood before menstruation begins, or if PMS is present. In this case yoni steam at a maximum of 1-7 times per month, the week before the period begins. (Think preemptive care!) The warmth of the steam helps with blood, nutrient and hormone flow.
  • YONI steam post-menopause, seasonally, or as needed for pain or dryness. An important note, due to the heating quality of the steam, this can aggravate hot flashes. It is common to see some blood or discharge a day or two after steaming, even after a woman has entered menopause.

Yoni steaming is magical and powerful. IT'S IMPORTANT TO KNOW WHEN TO YONI steam and when not to YONI steam. Working with a qualified health practitioner will ensure it is done safely and effectively. Come let Alora Wellness Spa help you feel your best today.